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D-limonene degreaser has a Kauri-butonal (KB) value of 67: almost double the solvency value of mineral spirits and naphtha!  50+% cost savings compared to any other brand!        

Sold in r-BIB of 10 liters (2.6 gallons) (USD$15 refundable deposit applies).  Non-returnable except in case of defects.

For dilution, pour 2 * 1 liter concentrate into r-BIB.  Fill remainder of bladder with warm tap water and shake. 

For use, fill spray bottle directly from r-BIB.  Spray onto any hard, non-porous surface (including floors) for cleaning and de-greasing.  Let sit a few moments, then air dry or wipe dry with microfiber cloth.  WARNINGS: Keep concentrate away from flame.  Use cautiously on painted surfaces.  Shake dilution periodically to avoid separation.      

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