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Full ingredient list dish dynamite

Full ingredient list tile and toilet (TNT)

Dish dynamite removes food residue from kitchenware as nitroglycerine might! 

Tile & toilet (TNT) removes stains from bathroom tile, toilets and urinals as trinitrotoluene might! 

Sold in in compostable mailer of 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds).  Non-returnable except in case of defects.

For dish dynamite, sprinkle powder onto cook- and dishware adding small amounts of water.  After powder foams, scour cook- and dishware with paste, then rinse. 

For TNT, sprinkle powder onto soiled bathtub, sink, tile, toilet and urinal adding small amounts of water.  After powder foams, scour fixtures with paste, then rinse.   

WARNINGS: Do not mix w/ ammonia or chlorine (including chlorinated disinfectant NaDCC).  Do not use on non-stick cookware (i.e. Teflon).  Use cautiously on natural stone.  Maintain enclosed desiccant packages to prevent clumping.

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