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Dishwashing machine pellets/tablets (unscented) dehydrated


Dishwashing manual liquid (natural citrus fragrance) 1:5 concentrate


Disinfecting, odor blocking & sanitizing tablets sodium dichloroisocyanurate NaDCC (hospital grade) (unscented) dehydrated


Foaming hand soap tablets (unscented) dehydrated


Hair conditioning cubes (natural citrus fragrance) dehydrated


Hair shampooing & body washing cubes (natural citrus fragrance) dehydrated


Hand sanitizing liquid (WHO formulation) (unscented)


Laundry detergent strips (unscented) dehydrated


Laundry oxygen brightening & stain removing powder (unscented) dehydrated


Neutral glass & mirror cleaning tablets (industrial grade) (unscented) dehydrated


Neutral surface & hard floor multi-purpose cleaning liquid (industrial grade) (natural citrus fragrance) 1:5 concentrate


Non-scratch foaming scour powder (dish dynamite & tile and toilet (TNT)) (unscented) dehydrated


Zero plastic funnels 1-pack (100% food-grade silicone)


Zero plastic kitchen sponges 2-pack (100% vegetal)


Zero waste non-paper napkins & towels 4-pack (100% certified organic cotton)